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The mission of this Aviation Shoppers' Mall (ASM) is to bring all of the major suppliers of aviation products and services together in one place where you, the consumer, can find virtually anything you need in aviation. We also want to provide you with information that will help you make the best decisions about the aviation products and services you purchase. In order to acomplish this mission, we have divided this website into three sections: THE NETWORKING AD SECTION, THE SHOPPING SECTION, AND THE FREE AIRCRAFT SPEC LIBRARY.

TO BROWSE ADS: Click on any ad sub-category below to go directly to the networking ads that best fit your general need. Click on one of the three major networking ad categories below and obtain a full matrix of ad sub-categories where you can view ads and companies that serve your specific need.

Aircraft For Sale
Single Engine Piston (3420)
Multi-engine Piston (1590)
Turboprop (1636)
Jet (4275)
Helicopters (1806)
Experimental (149)
Military (87)
Other Aircraft (1670)
Products, Parts, and Services
Aviation Manufacturers
Aircraft Parts & Components
MRO's/Aircraft Repairs, Maint. & Mods
Avionics/Instrument Sales & Service
Aircraft Kits & Building Materials
FBO/Airport Services & Equipment
Aviation Training & Schools
Aviation Safety & Security
Other Ad Categories
Aviation Specialty Equip. & Services
Financial/Legal Services
Aviation Support & Management
Aviation Pubs & Software
Associations & Organizations
Real Estate & Buildings
Miscel. Products & Services
Overflow Products & Services

The "Aircraft for Sale" Category links to the ads from the major online advertisers such as Trada-A-Plane, Aircraft Shopper Online,, Aviators Hot Line, and Business Air. The "Products,Parts, and Services" Category and "Other Ad Categories" are linked to the websites of the major suppliers of virtually all of the products and services in the avaition industry. FBO (Fixed Base Operator), MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul), and Real Estate facilities are listed by location and are marked with an asterisk. Some company listings such as Aircraft Spruce and Specialty and Sporty's Pilot Shop have online catalogs which allow you to make purchases directly from their websites.

Click on the tabs below or the left menu bar to either "Place a Networking Ad" or obtain "Ad Subscription Information."


TO INVESTIGATE AIRCRAFT SPECS: Click on the tab below or the "Free Aircraft Spec Library" tab on the left menu bar.


TO GO SHOPPING: Click on the tab below or the "Product Categories" tab on the left menu bar.



  1. Standard one-year subscription period for each of your company networking ads.
  2. Free company picture or company logo with each one-year networking ad subscription.
  3. Up to a 525 character narrative description of each of your company product/service listings.
  4. Up to six PDF files can be attached to each of your company product/service listings.
  5. Up to approximately twelve (12) 8.5 X 11 pages of information can be included in each PDF file.
  6. Each company product/service listing will have links to the appropriate section of your company website.
  7. Each PDF file will have a narrative title of up to 70 characters that describes its contents.
  8. Up to six (6) free updates to your networking ad descriptive information and PDF files.
  9. A Google Map of your company location where available.
  10. Secure Online Payments with PayPal or your credit card.

As an advertiser you will have the option to place your company networking ad using our online program which leads you through the input process or we will develop or update your ad for you. Our networking ads are set up in a pdf format which gives you the ability to use your existing printed ads and upload them to our site at a very economical cost. You also have the flexibility to place your ad in several related categories for maximum exposure.

In order to view and place ads on this website you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to and download the program to your computer.


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