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ARI Mooney Nose Cowl Mods
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Nose Cowl Mods

In addition to our own nose cowl modifications for Mooney airplanes, Aero Resources, Inc. is marketing nose cowl modifications from three other companies: Knots2U, Ltd., Lake Aero Styling and Repair, and Southwest Texas Aviation, Inc. Knots2U produces nose cowl modifications for Cessna and Piper aircraft. Aero Resources, Inc.(ARI), Lake Aero Styling and Repair (LASAR), and Southwest Texas Aviation (SWTA), Inc. produce nose cowl modifications for Mooney aircraft. A description of each type of nose cowl modification will be provided below. Click on your aircraft make to order the items in this section.


Knots2U produces a lower cowl/body fairing that works in conjunction with the nose gear fairing of several Cessna single engine models. The Cessna cowl fairing comes in two pieces and directs the air around the upper nose gear strut adding 3-4 mph in cruise speed to the aircraft. Drag is also reduced by re-accelerating the exiting air from the cowling and helping it attach back to the fuselage. This kit is extremely effective by itself or when combined with the nose gear fairing kit. Cowl/body fairing kits are approved for the Cessna 206 Models, the 182C through 182R Models, the 182B Models, the 172 Models, and the 177B Models. The parts are made from high quality hand laminated epoxy resin fiberglass for superior strength and long life. The kit includes everything necessary for installation including hardware, step-by-step instructions, and STC. It installs in about 6 hours.


Aero Resources, Inc. (ARI) Mooney Nose Cowl Mods

The ARI Mooney nose cowl mod reduces cooling drag without the need to replace or modify your existing sturdy metal cowling. The kit comes with a nose cowl, which reduces the cowl opening around the propeller spinner, and a new much larger Mooney M20J spinner. This nose cowl mod, with the larger M20J spinner, extended front cowling, and smaller air inlets, will give your Mooney the sleeker, more-streamlined appearance of the Mooney 201. The ARI nose cowl adds about 2.5 inches to the length of your Pre-M20J Mooney and the M20J spinner is about 12% bigger in diameter than the earlier M20A through M20G Mooneys and much longer. The nose cowl is approved for both 2-blade and 3-blade propeller installations.

The ARI nose cowl is made of fiberglass and fits in the 2.5 inch space between the nose of your Pre-201 Mooney and the newly installed M20J two- or three-blade spinner, which is part of the kit. The nose cowl attaches to the existing metal cowling of your Mooney above the landing light and oil cooler. This mod also has a much smaller gap between the spinner and the nose of your Mooney, which creates a more streamlined flow of air and less drag over the nose of the aircraft. Metal baffles are attached to the lower edges of the induction air inlets on each side of the spinner to force the incoming air directly into the engine compartment, which further reduces drag. Our customers have reported speed increases of 3 to 7 knots. The standard ARI nose cowl modification installs in about 8 hours, assuming no pre-adjustments or painting. Our sandwiched model, which installs between the aluminum cowl seams, takes about 12 hours to install.

Lake Aero Styling and Repair (LASAR) Mooney Nose Cowl and Engine Mods

LASAR produces two different Mooney nose cowl modification kits and an STC for Mooney engine conversions that we market. One modification is the oil cooler relocation for the 1967 and later M20E and M20F Mooneys. It moves the oil cooler from the lower cowl to a position behind the #4 cylinder. It provides better air distribution for both the cylinders and the oil cooler, while streamlining the lower cowl. The kit will take about 10 hours to install. LASAR estimates a speed increase of 1 mph. The second nose cowl mod is a one-piece cowl enclosure fairing for the M20A through M20G Mooneys. It is designed to reduce the larger air inlet on older Mooney models to provide efficient engine cooling, increased airspeed and reduced cabin noise. The kit is installed in about 5 hours without changing the existing aircraft spinner. LASAR estimates a speed increase of 4 mph.

The LASAR STC for Mooney engine conversions is for M20C through M20G Models. This STC allows you to retrofit the 200 hp Lycoming IO-360-xxx engine to the M20C, D, and G Mooneys with the 180 hp engine. This STC also allows other 200 hp Lycoming engine model options for the M20E and M20F, including the IO-360A1B6, as well as Hartzell and McCauley propeller options. The kit includes instructions and STC only.

Southwest Texas Aviation (SWTA), Inc. Mooney Nose Cowl Mods

SWTA produces a Mooney 201-Style engine cowling kit which includes a new engine baffle system, oil cooler relocation, and new oversize high-cooling spinner system for the M20E and F Models. It increases speed, as well as making your M20E or M20F look like a 201. The engine is completely baffled for better cooling. The oil cooler relocation provides cooler oil temperatures. A new M20J-size spinner completes this kit which comes with detailed blueprints, instructions, and hardware. A second very similar nose cowl kit is also available for the 180 hp M20C and M20G Models, which includes a new air induction system. Both kits require about 55 hours to install. A third kit is available which installs a second landing light on 1967 and later M20E and F Models. It installs in the hole left when the oil cooler is relocated to the inside of the Mooney cowling. Installation time is about 4 hours.


All of the Piper nose cowl mods are by Knots2U and are designed for the PA-30/39 Twin Comanche airplanes. They include a Nose Bowl Kit, a NACA Induction System, Speed Propellers, Speed Spinners, a Radar Nose with Airbox, and Nacelle Exhaust Fairings. The Knots2U Nose Bowl upgrade for non-turbo Twin Comanches is one of the best modifications you can do to improve speed and economy. The nose bowls are designed to more efficiently use the air entering the upper plenum for engine cooling while significantly reducing drag. Its sleek shape and reduced inlet size adds 4-6 mph to the aircraft. Access to the engine compartment is improved through an easily removed hatch on the bottom. The kit comes with everything necessary to install including all hardware, step-by- step instructions and STC. It installs in about 8 hours.

The Twin Comanche NACA Induction System is designed to increase manifold pressure while lowering cylinder head temperatures (particularly the #3 Cylinder) by taking clean cool air in a NACA duct through an improved air filter and into the engine. The kit comes complete with everything necessary to install including all hardware, step-by-step instructions and STC. It is not applicable to the Turbo Twin Comanche. It installs in about 8 hours.

The Knots2U Speed Propeller is the latest in propeller designs specifically STC'd for the Twin Comanche. This new propeller uses a "D Twist" to unload the tips and improve performance while costing considerably less than standard propellers. These props offer 3-4% more thrust than the originals and 4-5% more than Q-Tips. They are also much quiter than the originals. Hartzell's newest hub design is incorporated for long life and TBO (6 years - 2400 hours).

The Knots2U Speed Spinner is a smooth, sleek spinner which is STC'd for both standard and counter rotating Twin Comanche Models. The spinner is designed for superior aerodynamics by reducing the size of the openings around the prop. It also eliminates the flange around the prop openings found on the original spinners. Please specify standard or counter rotating when ordering.

The Knots2U Radar Nose Modification replaces your existing inefficient nose with a more modern and aerodynamic design. The new radome will accept up to a 10 inch radar antenna. This is accomplished by removing the existing air plenum and replacing it with a new airbox fed through a high pressure NACA duct on the bottom. This is a simple modification to perform as you simply remove your existing nose, and we make arrangements to have it shipped to Knots2U and they do all the work. Turn around time is typiclly one week. The kit installs in about 12 hours.

The Knots2U Nacelle Exhaust Fairing works on either normally aspirated or turbo Twin Comanches. By improving the angle of the air exiting the cowling, cruise speed is increased by 2-3 mph. The fairings are made of stainless steel and add an extra layer of insulation between the exhaust and the fuel tanks directly above. They can easily be cleaned to look like new even after years of service. These are the perfect STC'd fix for the deteriorating originals. The kit comes complete with everything necessary to install including hardware, step-by-step instructions and STC. It installs in about 14 hours.


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