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ARI Mooney Nose Cowl Mods
Your One-Stop Aviation Shoppers' Mall (ASM)

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Aero Resources, Inc. (ARI) is located in the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas. The company was formed in January, 1982, as part of a bid proposal for a fixed base operation at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas when the airport was first taken over by the City of Houston. When the bid proposal was not successful, ARI began developing mods for early model Mooney aircraft.

In May, 1989, ARI obtained FAA approval for its first modification, a nose cowl Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for a 1963 Mooney M20C airplane. This nose cowl mod was designed as a cost effective improvement to the appearance and performance of the early model Mooneys built prior to the Mooney 201 (M20J) model, which was first built in 1976. Since 1989, ARI has obtained nose cowl STC's for all Pre-M20J Mooney models from model year 1958 through model year 1978. In August, 1993, ARI obtained FAA/PMA approval to manufacture the parts for the above nose cowl modifications.

Since 1993 ARI has expanded its product line to include a skin-mounted landing light lens cover for Pre-M20J Mooneys. In addition to marketing its own FAA/PMA approved modification kits, ARI is also displaying and marketing the modification kits from several other manufacturers.

Recently we further expanded our focus to become a one-stop, needs-based Aviation Shoppers Mall (ASM) where all of the major suppliers of aviation products and services can network with one another and be accessed from one place.

Mission of the Aviation Shoppers Mall ASM:
The mission of the ASM is to bring all of the major suppliers of aviation products and services together in one place where the aviation consumer can quickly find virtually anything they need in the aviation industry. We also want to provide aviation consumers with a library of information that will help them make knowledgable purchasing decisions and assist them with their aviation planning, training, research, and education. To accomplish this mission we have focused our networking and information on the most successful and active companies and organizations in the aviation industry.

The companies and organizations in the ASM come from the exhibitor lists of the major aviation conventions that meet one or more times each year, such as the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) conventions. Our goal is to maintain and extend the networking that occurs at these conventions throughout the year. The companies and organizations that exhibit at and attend these annual conventions come from all over the world, and we have designed the ASM to have a world wide focus.

How to Contact Aero Resources, Incorporated:

Mailing Address:
Aero Resources, Inc.
Post Office Box 1833
Houston, Texas 77251-1833
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