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AERO-TRIM'S primary product is an electrically operated aileron trim control that you can regulate while in flight. It keeps your airplane level and on course as it corrects for changing inflight loads and eliminates the fatigue caused by holding constant pressure on the controls. Aero-Trim is also approved for rudder trim on Mooney, Lake, Beech, and Navion aircraft.

With Aero-Trim you will enjoy fuel savings, increased airspeed, and hands-off flying. A properly trimmed airplane can save up to 12% on fuel. A cross-controlled airplane loses speed. Aero-Trim provides the right trim where and when you need it. Remember, rudder trim is used only during take off to counteract propeller torque. Using rudder trim alone to maintain your compass heading cross-controls your airplane. The Aero-Trim aileron trim control will allow you to trim for perfectly coordinated flight.

Does your airplane tend to drift off course when you release the controls? Until the advent of Aero-Trim you lacked the trim capability of lifting that heavy wing. Now you can simply use your Aero-Trim to toggle-in the necessary aileron trim to keep you straight, level and on course. The attractive and unique Indicator tells you at a glance both the tab position and the resulting directional correction of your airplane. The result is straight and level flight. This hands off stability also provides an extra margin of safety during IFR flight conditions.

Stop Auto-Pilot cross control. Aero-Trim is an essentil companion to your auto pilot because it lets you trim your airplane completely before engaging your auto-pilot. Thus, Aero-Trim helps prevent auto-pilot cross control. Your auto-pilot, being set to hold a heading, will actually fly your airplane sideways; more so as your inflight loads change. Flying sideways wastes fuel and loses airspeed. Aero-Trim also reduces auto-pilot work load and saves costly repairs. Always trim your airplane before engaging your auto-pilot to get maximum performance.

Fast and easy installation. Aero-Trim literally adds a new dimension to your flying comfort and safety. It will install on most aircraft and is designed to fit into a standard 2.25 inch clock hole. The system is feather light, self-contained and reliable. Installation is extremely simple. No special skills or tools are required. The average person can install a system in two to four hours.

The Aero-Trim System consists of three (3) assemblies: the position indicatior, the actuator, and the trim tab. The position indicator displays at a glance the combined positional information of the trim tab itself, its relative position to the aileron, and the effect the tab will have on the directional heading of your airplane. The actuator inserts through a small 2 X 3.75 inch opening cut in the bottom skin of the left aileron. The actuator is then enclosed inside the aileron with only the base outside, acting as a flush doubler plate. The trim tab itself simply affixes to the trailing edge of the aileron, and is aligned with and connected to the actuator. The tab is infinitely adjustable to assure optimum performance and results.


Mooney Aero-Seal Fuel Tank Sealer. Aero-Seal is formulated to seal fuel tank weeps and seeps permanently, from the outside! Proven results. STC/PMA approved. Quick and easy to apply. Saves money. Permanent seal. Rebonds the original factory sealant to the tank walls. Prevents future major leaks and costly repairs. Minimum downtime (1-2 days). Can be applied by any A&P with easy to follow instructions. As stated above, Aero-Seal is designed for weeps and seeps only. It will not repair running leaks or constant dripping.

Mooney Locking Fuel Filler Caps. Stop fuel thefts with locking fuel filler caps. Modify your existing fuel caps with this Do-It-Yourself kit. Comes complete with locks, keys, hardware and instructions. Simply drill three holes for installation.


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